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Bold and courageous designs; because it's about time you decide the labels that define you. Some of the most genuine and kind people you'll ever meet, are passed by each day without giving them the time of day. I created this design to Speak up for the ones who can't find their voice, because they've believed the lies placed over them along time ago, and no one told them they were worth it and not a burden. Think outside the box, because we are all 1 decision away from living in 1; and that decision isn't always ours to make. So show some compassion and grace. Without  needing to be in the spot light; let the world revolve around a child, elderly person, special needs or the homeless guy on the corner for a little while, it'll be alright, you'll get your time to shine. When we let go of needing to be so damn important and instead pay it forward.