This is our story

Like everyone we have our own story, but this isn't as much about us as it is about you. In a world where everything is dog eat dog and self absorbed, we want to stand out differently. We are here to serve not be served. Now if it were up to me everything would just be free. But we have mouths to feed and as you are aware of I'm sure; nothing is cheap. On a good note, our products aren't cheaply made, because we believe quality is more important then quantity. Not only do I hand draw each design myself, but I pick each product personally. Not based off how much I can make off of it, but sustainability, style, comfort and trusted brands for material. This company has been my dream beginning to be shaped into reality, so I invite you personally to be a part of it with me. Let's start a journey that isn't fueled by greed, but the beautiful qualities in humanity like peace, love, unity and respect. Let's be the change we want to see in this world. I invite you to take a chance on me; stand with me....please. Be bold and courageous at BC designs, represent a brand that really means something. Email me at BCDESIGNS79@GMAIL.COM for design ideas for me to draw and put your idea on products or just to say hello and I will personally respond asap. Thank you

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